"Owning a home is a keystone of wealth - both financial affluence and emotional security."

- Suze Orman



Growing up as a child, I was the 2nd oldest and first girl in a struggling working class Midwest household. My parents came to the US as refugees and were always working to make ends meet, so I took on the role as caretaker for my younger siblings. I always put my siblings first, then carried on this trait as I grew up; With my friends, my family and everyone...

I've been in the real estate business for almost 12 years.  Guiding people and getting them mentally and financially prepared whether they are buying or selling comes easily and naturally to me. I‘m happy to give free, no-strings consultations and advice even if I know I may not be picked at the right professional for them. I learned long ago that, "you can't have it all." So, if I could educate anyone along the way (even if I may not be the one for them), that makes me happy. 

I'd like people to know that I'm not pushy when it comes to real estate. Whether it's one's primary residence or an investment, it’s an important decision; therefore, I work at their pace. I've had clients that would purchase the first property they see, while I have others I'm still working with 3 years later still trying to find their perfect home.

Sales and numbers are not important to me and do not define my success as a realtor. What is most important and what makes me happiest is building relationships with amazing people and picking up amazing lifetime friendships along the way.


"Lisa was a complete ROCKSTAR! We started working with her right when the market began to flip. Rates were shooting up and houses began to sit for a while. She helped us stage the house and get it ready for sale. She even paid to have the back patio pressure washed! When it came time to hit the market we were in a time crunch. She pushed 3 weeks straight of open houses and at the 3rd one we got a full price cash offer. The entire process from that point forward was seamless. I would 100% trust Lisa will all of my future home sales and purchases!"
Ashley Joy Iselborn


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